Top 5 Educational Franchisees in India: Most Profitable Pre-School Franchise

Education Franchise Opportunities in India

Today, Educational Franchisees are revising with lots of private and public companies in the past few years. This happens because it is considered one of the most fertile areas which will give you confirmed returns on your investments. As we see the records, India will have 47 million people in working as a group by the end of 2020 and everybody’s looking for the best educational franchise in India. This leads to a great demand of informal as well as formal educational sector. » Read more

Are Single-Sex Schools Good for Education? The Benefits and The Limitations

Single Sex Schools vs Co-ed Schools Debate

Do separating boys and girls improve their education? Experts on both sides of the issue weigh in. It has always been a topic of debate as to whether single-sex schools provide a better education than their co-ed counterparts or vice versa. Campus social life is likely to be very different at co-ed and single sex schools. Each option has its own pros and cons. The following study helps make a decision so as to which option would be the best fit for one’s academic and social preference. » Read more

Curriculum Vitae Vs Resume – What’s the Difference between the Two?

Every professional knows the importance of a nicely drafted resume or a Curriculum Vitae (CV). They are among an essential document which helps you while getting a job or while shifting it. Although a CV and a resume may sound interchangeable but they are not. They have some major points of differentiation and the dilemma of Curriculum Vitae vs Resume always flares up while you are looking for a job. It is very important to choose the right document depending upon the type of situations you are in.Curriculum Vitae vs Resume » Read more

How to make a Resume – 5 Important Things You Should Keep in Mind

A resume is the most important professional document that helps you carve your career path. It is the first impression which an employer has of you. Your resume will speak for you and promote you before you get a chance to do so yourself. However, to make a resume impressive and eye-catching is not as simple as it seems. There are various factors which contribute to the making of a good resume. Every professional should know how to make a good resume and should possess this skill. » Read more

Ultimate Tips to Crack NEET Entrance Exam with Good Score

It is the time of year again when students are busy preparing for NEET exams and they have their head into textbooks completely to gain maximum knowledge. While the majority of the students have begun NEET preparations, there might be some who would be still in the planning phase. Well for those who haven’t started yet, and are looking for tips to crack NEET exam then we have brought forth some useful information for you. » Read more

How to become a Dentist after 12 – Eligibility Criteria, Courses to Study, Colleges, Fees, Job Scope, Salary

Career decisions are one of the major decisions which one has to take in life. For pursuing any profession one has to know everything about it so that performance and result can be fruitful. The career decisions are almost taken after 12th when both parents and students are stressed out to make the right choice. With so many career options after 12th, some children make choice of bachelor of dental surgery which in itself is one of the most difficult and established careers. However, to ensure that every step in the career is taken appropriately it is good to take the assistance of career guide. » Read more

Top 6 Best Hotel Management Colleges in India

The hospitality and culinary industry are on rising in India with people approaching more towards hotels and restaurants in their day to day lives. For students who wish to make a career in the hospitality industry, different programmes and courses are offered by various colleges that consist of curriculum encompassing all the trades of expertise of hotel and restaurant businesses. To have bright future ahead, it is essential to get yourself enrolled with the best institutes offering quality education. » Read more

How to Make Your Career as a Mehndi Artist: Courses to Study, Job Opportunities, Earnings

In a fast moving world, everyone chooses to become a top notch engineer or a well known doctor. However, people forget what their passion is and go with the flow to become something that their parents impose on them. A new career that has started gaining traction these days is to start a mehendi business. You can now make your career as a mehndi artist and become successful at it by earning huge sums of money and indulging in the activity you love. This is probably among the best career options for girls after 12th if you love making mehndi designs. » Read more

Top 6 Highest Paid Professions in India after 12th that will make You Well Settled in Life

India is a country of more than 1.2 billion people and around 60% of people fall in the working age group. This creates difficulties in getting a job and people face a lot of obstacles when they look for a high salaried job after 12th class. Most of the career guidance sessions talk about how you can seek jobs with highest paying salary instead of letting you follow your passion. However, in a country with high inflation rates, getting a good salary is must to sustain and have a decent living. » Read more

Should Sex Education be taught in Schools: Pros and Cons

There is a long standing debate on sex education going on for years that should sex education be taught in schools. Although progressive people have expressed that it will greatly benefit the students and improve their mindset, there are a set of people that talk about the negative effects of implementing it. But if we want to develop the minds of young children so that they grow up to become better individuals, sex education must be taught in schools. However, let’s see both sides of the spectrum to come to a conclusion.Sex Education in Schools, Pros and Cons » Read more

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