Top 5 Educational Franchisees in India: Most Profitable Pre-School Franchise

Education Franchise Opportunities in India

Today, Educational Franchisees are revising with lots of private and public companies in the past few years. This happens because it is considered one of the most fertile areas which will give you confirmed returns on your investments. As we see the records, India will have 47 million people in working as a group by the end of 2020 and everybody’s looking for the best educational franchise in India. This leads to a great demand of informal as well as formal educational sector.

India is strongly developed day by day and there are so many benefits of investing in education franchise in India. Therefore, a number of businessmen, entrepreneurs, and other investors are looking for the franchising in India. They aim to get lots of returns with low investment. So we can consider that these educational franchisees have a great future. In this article, we will have a look at education franchise opportunities in India.

Education Franchise Opportunities in India

5 Best Educational Franchisees

Pre-school education is very important for a child. It will help in nourishing the child’s brain and growth. Today, we have lots of successful brands which will offer us the most profitable pre-schools, play schools or kindergarten and education franchise so that you can collaborate with them and earn a profit. Here, we have filtered established and successful educational franchisees and enlisted the top 5 educational franchisees in India:


When we talk about the best language education franchise opportunities in India, Englishlabs always comes in the first place. It is the leading language school in a southern part of India. This school is known for practical as well as in-depth coaching of different kinds of languages like Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French, and German. So we can consider it as one of the best business opportunities in India.


INSD offers huge franchise opportunities as offers both diplomas as well as degree courses. It is one of the best fashion design colleges in India. It also provides jewelry designing, interior designing, and animation to students. Numerous centers across the country represent its business values and brand power. You will never undergo any kind of loss with INSD because fashion never goes down.


It is a cluster of schools that run in the “Central Board of Secondary Education“. It is a futuristic franchise business in India that aims for the complete growth and development of students. This school tries to provide comparatively more opportunity and exposure to students in the field of technology. It has a high goodwill and all this makes it one of the best franchise businesses in India.

CADD Centre

We all have heard about this brand that concentrates on the management as well as engineering skills of students. It has a huge variety of unique courses and that’s why it is one of the most profitable educational franchise opportunities in India. The best part about this franchise is that it will not ask for any royalty but annual fees.


Talking about India’s oldest networking and computer hardware institutes, Jetking always comes in the first place. It has its name in ‘Limca Book of Records’. It is the best brand in networking training and will definitely prove to be the most reliable and successful business opportunities for you as it entertains franchisees in different sectors like Operation and Manpower.

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