Top 5 Educational Franchisees in India: Most Profitable Pre-School Franchise

Education Franchise Opportunities in India

Today, Educational Franchisees are revising with lots of private and public companies in the past few years. This happens because it is considered one of the most fertile areas which will give you confirmed returns on your investments. As we see the records, India will have 47 million people in working as a group by the end of 2020 and everybody’s looking for the best educational franchise in India. This leads to a great demand of informal as well as formal educational sector. Continue reading “Top 5 Educational Franchisees in India: Most Profitable Pre-School Franchise”

Top 8 Best International Schools in India to Get Quality Education

India has always been considered as one of the best and most reliable destinations for children to study. Unlike other services, education is highly affordable in India and is granted to students following the highest of standards. India is known for both quality and quantity of schools, wherein children are nurtured in the best way possible. However, to ensure that children form a good base of knowledge and education, it is essential to make choice of the best schools following highest of standards in the industry. Continue reading “Top 8 Best International Schools in India to Get Quality Education”

Top 6 Best Dance Training Institutes in India: The Art Worth Learning

Dance in itself is a great art and the person who masters it is not only known as a good dancer, but a great artist. Some people take dance as seriously as a passion and for some a career in dance. There may be people who can or cannot dance, but everyone loves dancing. There are many academies which organize dance classes for adults and we see them perform in many competitions on our television screens. Let us have a look. Continue reading “Top 6 Best Dance Training Institutes in India: The Art Worth Learning”

Importance of Games and Sports in Student’s Life: Play to Learn

There’s an eminent proverb which says “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. We live in a competitive environment, where we need to have a target oriented approach to succeed, but still we cannot ignore the importance of games and sports in student’s life. Games and sports help a lot to add different values to a student’s personality. They provide a wide range of benefits that help in shaping and framing a student’s life. Continue reading “Importance of Games and Sports in Student’s Life: Play to Learn”

Is Pre-school Education Necessary? Role of Kindergarten to Nourish the Child

We live in a fast paced world. As per the rate of literacy in India, which has reached a whopping 74.04% in 2011, it has rather become a norm for Indian parents to believe that Pre-school education is necessary for their young ones. But there are many parents who are not very willing to send their chubby cheeks to the play school. They are set to the notion that their child would go to the school directly without attending any pre-school. But they fail to understand the importance of pre-schools. Let us get together debunking the myths about preschool education and answering the question- is pre-school education necessary? Continue reading “Is Pre-school Education Necessary? Role of Kindergarten to Nourish the Child”

Top 5 Best CBSE Affiliated Schools in New Delhi to Seek Education From

Education, moral, knowledge, capabilities, personality all these important aspects of human life begins the moment a child begins to learn. That is why schooling is one of the most important parts of our lives. The environment we get at school, the people we befriend with, things we learn, type of encouragement we get when we do something right, and punishment we get when we do something wrong all this right from childhood is what makes us and that is why choosing the right school for your child is very important. So here is the list of top ranking CBSE schools in Delhi.

CBSE Schools in Delhi Images, Campus, Faculty, Education, Infrastructure, Location

Delhi Public School (R.K. Puram)

DPS R.K. Puram was established in 1972 and is a private school. It’s a co-educational school and has a large student body of 9500 students. With highly qualified faculty of 220 teachers the school has earned its way up to the top 5 CBSE schools in Delhi. Regular classes, group activities, field trips, seminars and workshops make studying easy and fun. With the best infrastructure in the city imparts quality knowledge to its students.

Springdales (Dhaula Kuan)

Springdales School started as a small nursery school and Kindergarten at a home and with it three beautiful campuses at different locations the school has progressed its way to top ranked CBSE schools in Delhi.With the motto ‘The World is a Family’ the school teaches its student how to be a leader and team player. The school believes in all round development of the students so regular classes with extra-curricular activities are highly motivated. Dance, music, sports, poetry, quizzes, science symposia are included in the academic year.

Delhi Public School (Vasant Kunj)

Established in 1991, Delhi Public School is one of the best CBSE schools in India. With a staff of over 200+ teachers, DPS imparts quality education to all students from Kindergarten to XII grade. The classrooms are equipped with all the modern amenities and the students are provided with hostel facilities too. The students are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular events including sports, quizzes, dance, and lots more. The school also incorporates student exchange programs with top schools of the world making it the best CBSE affiliated schools in New Delhi.

The Mother’s International School

Being established in 1956 the school has earned its reputation and has maintained it for many years. The school spreads over 8.93 acres and has beautiful infrastructure to provide the students with positive environment for studies. With well-equipped classes the school also has facilities for indoor games, dance rooms, gymnasium, music rooms and health & medical check-up. The school is a day school. The school has earned the name for providing quality knowledge at reasonable fee.

Sardar Patel Vidyalaya

‘It’s a different school of thought’ with this motto this school has earned its name in education sector. With highly qualified faculty and comfortable infrastructure the school imparts quality knowledge. General facilities, academic facilities, sports facilities and a special IT the school has it all. The school has special programs to keep academic year fully energetic for students with activities that enhances education as well as personality.

Top 5 Best Government Schools in Delhi to get Affordable & Quality Education

“Education is the passport for our future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare it for today.” – By Malcolm X. Rightly said, a person without education has no idea of the future potentialities he withholds within himself. What more than a teacher to teach you the way of life! What an interesting way how a teacher holds your hand, opens your mind and touches your heart with the ease of bringing life into your education- making you enriched with the fullness of the endless possibilities the future has to offer you. Here is a list of the details followed by the addresses of top 5 government schools in Delhi. Continue reading “Top 5 Best Government Schools in Delhi to get Affordable & Quality Education”