6 Computer Courses after 12th to make a Good Career

The school is one of the best times in the lives of students. But the biggest dilemma which comes in a student’s mind is after the completion of school. Most students are confused which course they should opt for after completing their 12th class. There are a number of courses available to be done, each having its own pros and cons. For the young minds, it gets very difficult to choose which one is the best for them. Kids need to be properly guided to be able to choose the best course.

Computer Courses to Pursue After 12th Standard

Computer courses are the most in-demand courses these days. Students and even their par understand the importance of knowledge about computers. Most of the work in today’s world is done through computers and hence computer courses provide a great career scope as well. There are many computer courses after 12th which students can go for. So let us take a look at the best computer courses after high school.6 Computer Courses after 12th to make a Good Career

Web Designing

One of the most sought after career in Computer after 12th Web Designing. This is one of the amazing computer courses after 12th which provides the students a great opportunity to learn great things and work independently. In this course, the students can learn to not only make a website but also to maintain it. They get to learn and deal with various elements of a site. The students are taught coding languages which include the likes of HTML, PHP, and JavaScript amongst others. This course is offered by various private institutes, with Arena group of institutes amongst the most elite ones.

The course usually lasts for 1 year (professional web designing) and the students get a diploma certificate in web designing after its completion. There are short courses available too (3- 6 months long). But it is better to go for professional web designing (1-year long course). After completing the course, you may work independently or join a company. Whether you get successful or not depends on your skills.

VFX and Animation

This is a widely renowned course where the students get to learn various topics which include visual effects, animation, 3D technology and graphics amongst others. Though this course did not have much demand earlier, but with the boost in the market, the demand for this course has risen as well. Many good private institutes offer this course at variable fee amounts. There is a huge demand for animation artists and professionals in various industries including the film industry.

A large number of animated series and movies are being made which has led to the rise in demand of this course. So if you are looking to a good course with great scope in the future, then you should not hesitate in selecting this course. You can either get a good job thereafter or can alternatively decide to work independently, making it one of the best courses for Computer after 12th.

Hardware and Networking Courses

This course is widely renowned among the Indian students. This is a well-advertised course and is amongst the best courses after 12th. You can easily find many advertisements of this course on Newspaper and TV every now and then. As promised in the advertisements, you can get guaranteed jobs on completing this course from a reputed institute.

The most popular institute which provides this course is definitely Jetking in India. They have a good placement record and also offer the course on both long and short term basis. The students who are bright enough can also receive scholarships at Jetking. Other institutions also offer various scholarships for this course. You can get placed in IT industries on successful completion of this course. You can also start an entrepreneurship business after pursuing this course.

Software and Programming Language Courses

Developing software is a dream job for many and it is quite a lot in demand as well. But it is quite a difficult process as one requires learning of programming languages which includes Java, C++ etc. IT companies across the globe are very interested in software developers, making this a great course to pursue.

NIIT is the too institute in India to provide software courses. They have their centers all across India and you can always find the one closest to your home if you are interested in this course. The course is offered on both long and short term basis and not only that, the institution has a partnership and. various tie-ups with some big IT companies, which can ensure that you can get your dream job.


Tally is accounting software which is used in almost every accounting firm. To use this software efficiently and effectively, you need to pursue a course in Tally. Tally is great and popular software which is acknowledged by many big companies and the Government institutions for storing and transferring financial statements.

The software is frequently updated and hence it is very important to master the software so that you can use the latest software always. This course can be done from various private institutions, with again NIIT being the best. You can do a diploma course in NIIT or any other institutions and after successful completion of the course, you can get a decent job in any good accounting firm.

Data Entry Operator Course

This is another good computer courses after 12th. There is a lot of raw data these days which needs to be fed in computers for various purposes thereafter. A Data Entry Operator is thereby required to feed the data. There are numerous job opportunities for such people. This is an easy course and those who do not wish to do any technical course can join this.

This course hones the typing skills of the students and also improves their general data entry skills. The course is available at various institutions and its duration may vary from one institute to another with an average of generally 6 months. So if you don’t want to enter the technicalities of a computer and do a basic course which can earn you a good salary, then you should go for this course.

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