Importance of Games and Sports in Student’s Life: Play to Learn

There’s an eminent proverb which says “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. We live in a competitive environment, where we need to have a target oriented approach to succeed, but still we cannot ignore the importance of games and sports in student’s life. Games and sports help a lot to add different values to a student’s personality. They provide a wide range of benefits that help in shaping and framing a student’s life.

Reasons Why Games & Sports are the Essence of Child’s Life

Education as it means enlightening experience is not just for studies but anything which enlightens the mind, body, and senses of an individual. There has been a great paradigm shift over the ages in the field of education. Today’s education system has evolved a lot and now considers sports education as a part and parcel of students’ development. Scientific studies do reveal the ample of benefits the students receive due to games and sports. Games have lot of importance in a student’s life that has been listed here:Importance of Games and Sports in School


In our advanced and growing society, schools now provide a dedicated time for games and sports. The benefits of game period in school as one can perceive provide substantial health benefits to the students. These serve as a good exercise for both girls and boys and can provide them with a sustainable health both physical and mental. These are great diversion from their daily schedule and help them to break from their everyday monotonous life.

Enhances Confidence

With the increasing stress and shift from traditional methodology of education, there is necessity of sports in today’s era. Earlier more stress was given to bookish knowledge but in the current race, more focus is on practical application of knowledge than theory. Having a practical oriented approach in form of educational games help in better learning and also enhances the confidence of the students.

Fair Competition

Classrooms are meant for studies, still, teachers make the student play mind goggling games in the classroom like crossword, puzzles, etc. Why use games in your classroom? Have you ever wondered that? The use of games in classroom helps to generate a healthy, fair, and strong spirited sense of competition among students. This acts as a positive reinforcement in the student’s personality helping them to accept competition in a fair and dignified manner. Increasing the sport activities in school will start the reinforcement early and thereby help to build a healthy and strong-willed personality in the student.


One of the positive effects of playing sports in school is seen as imbibing a discipline among students. Discipline is an important criterion for success in life and to start it early is the perfect choice. Game based learning not only helps to enhance student’s ability to learn, but also provides a frame and structure to shape their personality. The process oriented structure helps them to be disciplined and also with the widening frame impoverishes innovation among them.

Enhance Energy

Games not only add value in the overall growth but also have a niche development area in a student’s life. It helps them to increase their energy level. Scientifically, it also helps to improve the immune system of the students which thereby helps them to perform better. The research shows normal human concentration stays around for 10-15 minutes for average students, but when aided with games, it adds more energy among them and helps to increase the concentration and learning to more than 300%.

Rapid Development

With the advent of digitalization, information is now available everywhere. There are plenty of teaching and learning resources available online. Learning has become fast paced and demand for change on learning is also rapid. Education in form of games helps the students to cope up with the fast pace. The advantages of using computer games in education are immense and notable. It not only helps the child to train their mind for the fast pace world challenges but also helps to improve intelligence and concentration of the student, according to a research.

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