9 Job Oriented Courses after 12 (High School) – Decide your Career Wisely

Every teenager dreams of a college which is full of adventure. During all the other activities, it sometimes comes as a shock when others are getting placed in companies and earning big bucks, while some are left behind for another degree or a complete shift in the profession. It is really important to choose your course wisely to make a better career ahead.

Most Popular Job Oriented Courses to Pursue after 12th

Getting a high-salaried job is the dream of every child after the completion of the respected course. Let us have a look at some of the popular job oriented courses after 12th that can help to get better salary packages in future.Best job Oriented Courses After 12th


After completing class 12th from the science stream, one may pursue the well known and renowned dream of becoming an engineer. The course duration for Bachelors in Technology or Bachelors in Engineering is 4years and the opportunity to get placed is high. After engineering, one may easily find jobs both in the public and the private sector. Companies are heavily recruiting Engineers as the technology industry is growing. Engineering has become one of the best courses after 12th.

Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)

All the people from the science stream do not choose engineering. Some of them have plans to go well beyond that mark. They choose Bachelors of Sciences. It is a 3-year program and is available at many universities across the country. After graduating, a student can enroll in the Master’s program and can enjoy free tuition and a handsome stipend from the university in Research oriented courses. R&D in our country is certainly booming and great job opportunities are awaited for the students.

Armed Forces (NDA)

It is one of the brightest chances for a student who is under 19 to get into the Armed Forced via NDA exam. After 3 years of Bachelors in Science course, along with many military based activities, one graduates as an officer in the army. It is an extremely adventurous job with a high life risk but the status an army man gets is completely different. The sense of pride that comes with the army cannot be matched.

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)

Bachelor of Computer Applications is another one of the best job oriented course after class 12th. B.C.A. is 3 years long course. This course focuses on computer hardware, software, applications, and programming languages. After one has acquired the degree for B.C.A, one may opt for further studies in PG courses like M.C.A which is for 2 years. Job opportunities start coming up from the bachelors’ degree itself but students pursue M.C.A. along with B.C.A. in order to get better salaries as compared to IT Professionals.

Bachelor in Pharmacy

Many eyes would be wide open to see Pharmacy in this list but there are people who choose Pharmacy over engineering. This course, as the name suggests deals with the making of medicines in the pharmaceutical sector. This is a 4-year long course. Many governments, as well as private hospitals as well as drug stores, are inclined on recruiting pharmacy students. They can also open their own business and earn well.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Business Administration, as the name suggests is the younger brother of the most famous and sought after a course of the country, Masters in Business Administration. This course is a complete tangent to the science stream but still students like to pursue it with interest. B.B.A. is a 3-year long course and at times the magical door to the above said M.B.A course which is the key to the best jobs available in the corporate world. Best of the best MNCs recruit business management graduates and PGs.

Merchant Navy

The Merchant Navy jobs are one of the best-paying jobs in India. Positions like Marine Engineers, Navigation Officer, Captains Technical Officers, are sought after, as they pay a good salary. This line of service pays special importance to physical and medical fitness. Maritime courses or B.E. / B.Tech in Marine Engineering are a key to get a job in Merchant Navy. The lucrative designations and pay help Merchant Navy jobs to stand a position in our list of Job Oriented Courses after 12th.

Commercial Pilot Training

The students who have studied Mathematics in class 12th are eligible to take up Commercial Pilot Training and become a Flight Pilot. They need to attend a special flight training school to pursue their dream of becoming a pilot and it takes a good amount of fees to get into that option. The course duration is 2-3 years and the salaries help pay back the tuition in another year or so. It is the best job oriented courses after 12th.

Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch)

Bachelor of Architecture is another one of the popular job oriented courses after high school. This degree course extends for 5 years and involves a lot of constructive practical work. This branch deals with planning and construction of homes, buildings, commercial structures, public utility structures, designs and what not. One may get into MNCs and top companies in the field of construction and design. Some students who are creative and passionate create a company of their own.

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