7 Professional Courses to Study after 12th in India to earn Big Income

Once the students are done with their Senior Secondary education, the next step they are looking forward to is getting enrolled in a course that can provide jobs in the market. With cut throat competition in all the spheres of life, students rely heavily on professional courses. The professional courses era had established itself in the early years of the 21st century and now have deepened its roots to the very core of our education system. Let’s have a look at all the professional courses after 12th.Professional Courses to Study after 12th in India

Medical Sciences

As India has a huge population, a large number of Doctors is required to satisfy the medical needs and take care of the ailments of patients. The ratio of Doctors available per 1000 patients is seemingly low. While the above is a huge matter of concern, the Doctors who have their practices in India get a good and steady inflow of patients. Medical science is one of the best courses after 12th in regard to the salary and respect earned by a Doctor in today’s society.

Merchant Navy

The Merchant Navy Jobs are known to be one of the best paying jobs in India. Positions like Marine Engineers, Navigation Officer, Technical Officers and Captains etc are the most sought after positions as they pay a handsome salary. The importance of physical and medical fitness is high. One needs to pursue Maritime courses or B.E. / B.Tech in Marine Engineering to get hold of a job in Merchant Navy. The lucrative lifestyle and pay scale helps Merchant Navy jobs to stand a position in best career options after 12th.


With the advent of advanced technology in all the scientific fields, Engineering has become one of the most sought after courses to study after school. Though Engineering may have become a heavily saturated field after all the commercialization of private colleges, but still a ray of hope for the best students who get into Government Colleges like IITs and NITs have a chance to earn big bucks! The booming IT industry in India as well the world over has made a huge impact as the number of jobs has shot up and salaries have become manifold.


Good teachers and lecturers have always played a huge role in nation building. They train the students to become future leaders and lead a good life. While the teachers at school level might be underpaid, the Lecturers and Professors in various colleges across the country draw a huge chunk of salary. They are treated with significant respect. Experienced lecturers are paid a lot as compared to newcomers and there is always the scope of private part-time teaching which gets you money at your own will. Lecturers and teachers at Higher Education levels are some of the supreme professional courses after 12th.

Charted Accountancy

Charted accountants job is to sort the financial affairs of small scale and large scale businesses. Big corporate houses recruit Charted Accountants to monitor their smooth office functioning with respect to the financial norms set up by the government. CA course is meant for Commerce graduates but many Science graduates also consider this field as one of the best career options after 12th. The starting salary, as in all jobs, is relatively less but with the increasing experience and stature, the fat paychecks are not far to arrive.


The students who pursue Management and Business oriented professional courses after 12th or after their undergraduate program are known as Management Professionals. Some of the well known Management courses include Masters in Business Administration, Bachelors in Business Administration and Bachelors in Management Sciences. The salary that one earns is directly proportional to the experience and specialization one has. Some fields that are most sought after are Finance, Marketing, and Human Resources.


It is an evergreen field for the professionals who are highly creative. Students pursue architecture as a passion more than a profession. As the country is in its development phase, proper planning is the most important cause. With the changing times and tastes of people, Architects are very dynamic in nature. Architects are well paid both in public/private sectors and propriety sector. All it takes make it to the best architect status in town is creativity and technical skills.

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