5 Ultimate Successful Strategies Every Student Must Follow for SBI PO Preparation

The post of a Probationary Officer or a PO in a bank is one of the most reputed and sought after post in India. Besides the central exam for this post in which various banks participate, there are some banks which conduct their personalized exam for this post. Reputed banks such as SBI conduct their own PO exam and post out a large number of vacancies as well. A large number of students from around the country appear for this examination.

Master Strategies to Prepare for SBI PO Exam & Crack It

SBI Probationary Officer Exam is a very diverse exam and requires a lot of dedication, concentration, and hard work. You need to prepare well and make some wise strategies in order to clear the cache exam. The level of questions ranges from quite easy to relatively tough but the biggest challenge is to solve the question paper within the given time span. This makes the exam hard for those who haven’t prepared thoroughly. Therefore, if you want to clear the SBI PO exam, then you will need to strategize and prepare for it well. So to help you with SBI PO Preparation and to help you to prepare well for the exam, we have come up with some good strategies with which you can prepare with. Have a look at SBI exam preparation tips.5 Ultimate Successful Strategies Every Student Must Follow for SBI PO Preparation

Prepare according to your Strengths

To begin with SBI bank PO preparation, you should first know that there are three sections in the PO exam which include Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, and English. Firstly, you need to analyze your strength. You need to recognize the section which you have command over. When you sit for the exam, you should always start with the section of your strength. This makes sure that you start the exam well. It increases your confidence as you start doing questions and also saves a lot of time for the other sections and ensures that you can take a bit more time to solve difficult sections. So, therefore, when you start preparing for SBI PO Preparation, you should first of all decide

Swot the Syllabus Well

Before you begin preparation, you should prepare a list of the topics which are in the syllabus of the exam for each subject. You should master each and every topic well. This makes sure that you have a good enough idea as to how many topics are left to be done, which are more important and need more time, and most importantly it will ensure that you do not skip out on any of the topics. This is the most common mistake that students often do. In a hurry to complete the preparation, they often end up skipping some or the other topic which can be very costly for an exam like this where every single topic and every single mark matters a lot. So keep the list of the topics handy, make an SBI PO preparation plan and ensure that you complete all topics while giving more time to the important ones.

Never Undermine the General Knowledge Section

One of the most common mistakes that most students commit is that they overlook the general awareness section. During bank exam preparation, students think that it can be managed easily and often leave it until the end or even completely ignore it. But this is a big mistake and they often rue it afterward. The GK section is one of the easiest if prepared well enough, but can be a tricky one if not we’ll prepare for. You may not devote a whole lot of hours preparing for this section, but you must always keep yourself well aware of the day-to-day happenings around you. This section can have questions from various fields including science, technology, sports, politics and even geography and hence you should have a thorough knowledge of important things in these fields.

Practice, Practice, and some more Practice

As the old cliché goes Practice makes a man perfect. This cliché definitely suits the SBI exam preparation. There are so many topics and so many questions that you cannot prepare them all in advance. But there is a logic and understanding behind every question and if you are clear with that, then you should not be having many problems in solving any question. But to sharpen your understanding of those logics and facts and to understand how the questions can be made from them, you need to practice a lot. There are a lot of mock tests, previous year question papers and SBI PO preparation books which are available both online and offline and you can spend time on solving them. This will help you to prepare better for the exam and will give you an idea of what to expect from the actual exam.

Time is Marks

You may have heard Time is money many times, but in SBI PO exam preparation, time is marks. In the exam, you need to solve 100 questions and the time you get to solve them is just one hour or 60 minutes. Therefore, you don’t get even one minute to solve a question, which makes the exam very challenging. So while preparing for the exam, you need to prepare accordingly with the 1-hour time frame. You should solve mock tests and try to solve them in one hour. You need to make sure that you don’t sacrifice the accuracy of your answers in order to complete the exam on time. So practice accordingly and try to solve the answers correctly within 30-40 seconds. Even if you get stuck somewhere, it is always better to move forward rather than wasting the time on one question. Each and every second is important. Utilize it to the best of your abilities.

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