Should Attendance be made Compulsory for Students in Colleges: Pros and Cons

Students experience a cultural and social change when they graduate from school to a new college. They can go wherever they want to. It is a beginning to a whole new world. As far as studies are concerned, they are always managed. Let us discuss the never ending question, should attendance be made compulsory for students in colleges.Debate on Attendance in Colleges

Importance of Attendance

When we enter the debate on attendance in colleges, it becomes necessary to ensure that we get a sneak peek into the importance of attendance system. The students who are present in the classroom have varied opinions and reasons for their attending a class and the ones who are outside have the opposite.

Familiarity with the Subject

This is one of the best benefits of attending college classes. The students who are new in the college environment will find a hard time knowing what to study and what not to study for college exams. Unlike schools, where students have been together for years, they have great friends and streamlined books. College is a different ball game. It is mandatory to attend classes to know what is important.


College professors have great amount of knowledge and most of them hold master and doctorate degrees. It is better to attend your classes regularly and get in touch with professors who are way to your success both in college exams and outside world. College projects become easier when your mentor chooses you as his/her fellow rather than the opposite.

Attendance Policy

The college attendance policy pros and cons have been under scrutiny but there are always some students who are against it. The attendance policy is made seeking benefit to both the students and their parents. The parents expect their children to be in college and the college expects the students to learn new dimensions of life.

The Other Side

The arguments against attendance policies in college have come up way more times than one can remember. But students should be left to choose on this part. Students new to the system still adhere to the policies but as they interact with the senior players, it is inevitable for them to skip a lecture or two.

The Idea

The question, are college attendance policies really necessary? must have crossed the minds of many students. The idea behind this policy seems to be flawed. Students should not be bound to sit in all the classes that are being held in the college. There should be some free will.

Free Will

Students should be allowed to attend and choose classes on their free will. The concept of mandatory attendance in college classes should be scrapped. They should be allowed to take some decisions on their own. The other flaw of attendance based grades in college must also be stopped and they should attend only those lectures which they like.


Students should have their own will and choice when it comes to attending classes. The good things and bad things both are under their control. If the colleges are concerned about attendance issues, they should focus on getting the attention of the students by walking in their shoes. They should device more ways for students to like the subject rather than devising ways to keep them tied to chairs.

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