Should Sex Education be taught in Schools: Pros and Cons

There is a long standing debate on sex education going on for years that should sex education be taught in schools. Although progressive people have expressed that it will greatly benefit the students and improve their mindset, there are a set of people that talk about the negative effects of implementing it. But if we want to develop the minds of young children so that they grow up to become better individuals, sex education must be taught in schools. However, let’s see both sides of the spectrum to come to a conclusion.Sex Education in Schools, Pros and Cons

Importance of Sex Education

There are various advantages and benefits of teaching sex education to school children. Students will learn some good things which will help them take better decisions and become more aware in the future. So, let’s see the positive side of educating children about sex and various aspects of it in school.

Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

It has been proven with statistics from various reports that lack of sex education leads to teenage pregnancy. Proper sex education can drastically reduce the chances of teenage pregnancy which is great for our society. This is among the best advantage that sex education has to offer and it will definitely improve the sexual health of teenagers in the coming years of their life.

Better Family Planning

Given the high rise in the population of India, we can surely claim that very few people in our country know about good family planning. If sex education is included in the syllabus, people will become more aware of it and hopefully plan for a better future with respect to the number of children.

Higher Level of Knowledge

It is important for schools to impart knowledge which will make children’s life better. Although sex education might have its own pros and cons, such valuable knowledge must be provided to every student. If we don’t offer such knowledge to students, we can’t hope to bring change in our society with regards to this.

The Other Side

Although there are many advantages of including sex education programs in schools, we must also have a glance upon the disadvantages of sex education. A few things have given a boost to the arguments against sex education and claim that it will teach bad things to children. Let’s see the various problems with sex education in schools.

Lack of Genuine Concerns

Many times during sex education lectures, students might not be genuinely interested in knowing about the subject. They might either make fun of the teacher or among themselves and take things in a wrong way. Although this is a disadvantage that can be controlled by the faculty teaching it, if students don’t learn it seriously, no amount of knowledge can educate them.

Ability of Faculty

To teach such a delicate subject to school students is no easy task. The faculty needs to be well versed with the mentality of children to be able to teach it without creating any confusion or nuisance. Sex education in public schools is difficult majorly because of faculty who are less experienced in teaching such subjects. If the teachers feel shy or refuse to solve the queries of students, it can lead to failure of sex education.

Moderated Information in Textbooks

The current textbooks don’t offer proper information on various topics that must be covered under sex education. If we want children to learn about proper sexual health and reproduction, we need to teach them what matters in a right way. Teachers and students both will take reference from the textbook so if the information is not given in a proper way, it can lead to bad consequences.

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