Top 6 Best Dance Training Institutes in India: The Art Worth Learning

Dance in itself is a great art and the person who masters it is not only known as a good dancer, but a great artist. Some people take dance as seriously as a passion and for some a career in dance. There may be people who can or cannot dance, but everyone loves dancing. There are many academies which organize dance classes for adults and we see them perform in many competitions on our television screens. Let us have a look.

Best Dance Schools in Your City

With the advent of great boom and dance career opportunities in India, dance is being taken up by more and more people. It is a way of exploring your capabilities and going one step beyond what you can do. There are many dance training institutes in India which can help you with dancing. But we have handpicked 6 of them to narrow down your choices better.Dance Institutes in India, Dance Classes Near Me, Dance Schools

Delhi Dance Academy

Delhi Dance Academy is a brainchild of Shree Bhupinder Singh who delivered quality dance education. It is one of the best dance coaching centers to provide dance coaching at affordable prices. It is famous among foreigners visiting India who are interested in learning Indian Folk and Classical dance forms. As the students review, it is one of the great dance academies to learn dance and a haven for people who seek fitness through dancing.

Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan, Bangalore

It was set up by Kulpati Dr. Kanhaiyalal Maneklal Munshiji in 1938. The main objective behind is to provide a sense of ethnicity toward Indian Dance forms, culture and arts behind it. It also provides career guidance for students after 12th. It provides programs in ethnic dance forms like Bharatnatyam and Kathak. It is one of the famous dance institutes in India which imbibes great Indian Values and culture in students.

Veve Dance, Mumbai

Veve Dance is a famous belly dance school in Mumbai. It is affiliated to the Egyptian Embassy and is known as best indian dance classes It is described as a soulful journey to belly dancing as described by the students. It owns a great set of passionate instructors who as trained to instruct in dance forms like Raqs Sharqi, Tribal fusion and much more makes it a very versatile institute.

Ballet Repertoire Academy of India, Mumbai

This academy is a little different from the ones discussed above. This academy specializes in Ballet Dance form and will help you make your career as a dancer. The academic trainer for the program is Eva Bharucha who is India’s top ballerina. Ballet serves as one of the career options for dancers. Parents bring along children of all ages so that they can get a taste of Ballet in a tender age.

Shiamak Davar’s Dance Institutes

The world Famous Indian choreographer has introduced Dance Institutes around the world. His institutes are known to provide a great deal of exposure to quality and great art to students. This institute has a dance school for toddlers in which young children learn the art of dance. Not only does this dance academy provide great exposure, it provides career opportunities as a dancer too. It also has dance courses for teachers which makes it a versatile institute.

ITA School of Performing Arts

This school comes under the umbrella of Indian Television Academy and is considered the Indian best dance academy. It has various courses like basic, advanced, pro, and crash courses for dance from which vary from hip hop to jazz and Latin American too. This academy also host many dance workshops for high school students and attract a great deal of attention too.

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