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Choosing a field of interest is one of the toughest and life changing the decision of any student which can make or break his/her career. As the advent of the word passion in the lives of many youngsters and the mainstream careers gradually losing out on their charm, many people have started opting for the vocational courses after 12th. These courses have achieved to attain the required attention.

Best Vocational Courses to Pursue After 12th

Vocational courses are certain disciplines which engage individuals in acquiring the skills which are traditionally non-academic in nature and are completely related to a certain activity, profession, or trade. Let us now glance over some vocational courses after high school.Vocational Courses after 12th

Audio Engineering

This is one vocational course to which mostly all the students are inclined to practice. After all, you get to manipulate music all day long, and perhaps get paid to do the same. It caters to the needs of the budding rockstars of music who don’t take the stage with a guitar in hand but take the back stage and handle the complexities of mixing, jamming, manipulating and reproducing sound for the new media including cyber games, television, and cyber media industry.

Multimedia and Animation

Our childhood is filled with memories of Walt Disney’s creations onscreen. Imagine the dream of creating these characters on your own! Well, that dream can be fulfilled with the help of multiple Multimedia and Animation courses offered throughout the country. Most of the institutes offer diploma courses and post-graduate degree programs for Animation and Multimedia. A basic class 10+2 education in any stream is required to pursue this course of your dream. It is one of the best vocational courses after 12th.

Game Designing

In this generation, everyone on the face of this earth has a crush on gaming and cyber sports. Gone are those days when we used to bunk classes to make it to a LAN gaming center to plan strategy games. After completing class 12th, you can with full pride say that you’re going out to play video games and earn money. Game designing courses help you do that. Various courses are available at the click of a button.


There might be a never ending debate in the market about how the painting is superior to photography but it is considered an art these days. It is said that everyone who can buy an expensive DSLR can become is a professional photographer. But in reality, it takes raw skills and talent to do so. Creativity is necessary to make it big in this field. Various institutes offer PG or diploma courses for students who are 10+2 pass.

Foreign Languages

The education and knowledge of foreign languages have been deemed very important since the old ages of the Royal Emperors. This has not brought down the importance of this ever since. It takes 2-3 languages which make it certain that you land upon a great job. Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese—knowledge of any of the above languages will help you in the long run. Embassies and many private institutes help students learn this language after 10+2.

Retail Management

Retail is expected to grow to a whooping 17.4 Lakh Cr. by the year 2022. For excelling in the field of Retail, many business and management schools have come up with diploma and degree courses in Retail Management. From warehouses to stores and as big as full-sized malls, they run on a sturdy management and it takes a lot of effort to manage them. Retail Management is the next big thing and one of the best courses after 12th.

Interior Designing

Be it a home or an office environment, it has the key to our mood. It takes professional attention when we design an office our choice and the placement of objects like a bed, lighting and furniture isn’t just a mere job. The curtains, the wall paint, the biddings, the furniture, the doors and what not, Interior Designers are there to help you out. It is a very renowned course which makes it come in our list of vocational courses after 12th.

Beauty Consultant

A consultant is a cosmetic and skincare salesperson whose main job is to meet sales targets while offering personalized customer service and help the brand to maintain a long-lasting relationship with its customers. There are women who work for beauty salons and there are others who are passionate about it. Beauty consulting is a passion more than a job. There are certain courses like cosmetology which can land you up in jobs with big brands.

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