Top 6 Fashion Designing Courses after 12th – Choose the Best

Fashion designing is an applied art which focuses on the designing of clothes and fashion accessories. Choosing a career in fashion designing after 12th should be a well thought out and long term plan for any student. It is one of the best paying industries. Though the competition is severe and it is a tough place to survive, the landscape of opportunities is immense in this field. Fashion designing is one of the best courses after 12th for creative people.

Fashion Designing Courses to Pursue After 12th

If you have completed your class 12th and are looking to make your career in fashion designing then we have got the list of best fashion designing courses in which you can make a bright career. Let us satisfy your curiosity with top 6 fashion designing courses after designing courses after 12th

Fashion Technology

With the advent technology into play, we have Fashion Technology as one of the most sought after courses for fashion designing after 12th. This course is designed for people who are interested in the new field of designing patterns and realization of the garments. The students of this course are introduced to the fundamental cycle of producing collections, translation of design boards, composing line sheets, and technical flats. This course comprises of a multi-level practical implementation to the creation of Fashion Collections, their development, and final productions.

Interior Design in Fashion and Luxury Retail

This design course helps students discover the opportunity to discover the Interior designing techniques and visual communication techniques that ultimately helps to attract customers in a store. The main aim of this course is to help students understand the tools which are necessary to maximize the profitability of a store. Students are taught the essential aspects of consumer behavior and key elements to create an emotional shopping experience which finally transforms into brand loyalty. This is an emerging field in the Fashion industry and is a hot newcomer in the list for fashion designing courses after 12th.

Leather Designing

Leather Designing is one of the most rapidly growing fields within the Fashion Design Industry. With the advent of winters and the fabulous looks of leather products and accessories, students like to apply for courses that teach them leather designing. In this programme, students get to know the basic skills and know-how’s which are fundamentals to the design process of Shoes and Bags. You will be taught the basic steps a designer has to take care of while designing the material. Starting from scratch, research, analysis, concepts and to the final proceedings of a product, future leather designers learn it all.

Knitwear Designing

The students who wish to take up fashion designing after 12th are adamant on taking up Knitwear design as their first preference. Knitwear designers are in-demand professionals who get hands-on experience working on circular and flat bed knitting. Knitted apparel in itself is an exclusive segment in the fashion industry. The courses available in different colleges across different regions of the world focus not only on teaching but provide students a platform for nurturing their creativity, technical skills and help them acquire a dynamic market orientation.

Fashion Communication

Fashion Communication is one of the latest and most exciting fields to open up in the lifestyle and fashion design industry. It is considered that the success of any brand can be justified by the uniqueness of its brand image and perception. This can be achieved with the help of fashion communication professionals who excel at extending their design strategies beyond the product range. With a multitude of brands coming up day in and day out, this course is the next big thing for students seeking fashion designing courses after high school.

Accessory Designing

The accessory design is another one in our list of top courses in Fashion Designing. Accessories are those little things that add class to your life and there are a handful of designers who are renowned for their work in this field. Accessory design course is a compilation of design methodology, production processes, business practice and project management in the field of Accessories and Lifestyle domain. A great variety of accessories and lifestyle products like watches, giftware, silverware, costume jewelry, leather goods and a lot more are designed from scratch.  The accessory design is an elegant accessory which completes our list of fashion designing courses after 12th.

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