How to Make Your Career as a Mehndi Artist: Courses to Study, Job Opportunities, Earnings

In a fast moving world, everyone chooses to become a top notch engineer or a well known doctor. However, people forget what their passion is and go with the flow to become something that their parents impose on them. A new career that has started gaining traction these days is to start a mehendi business. You can now make your career as a mehndi artist and become successful at it by earning huge sums of money and indulging in the activity you love. This is probably among the best career options for girls after 12th if you love making mehndi designs.

How to Become a Professional Mehndi Designer

Weddings have become more lavish and with its up rise, mehndi artist jobs are in a lot of demand since a few years. While looking for career options after 12th, many girls are thinking of choosing it as the salary and earning capacity seems lucrative too. Let’s see how one can become a mehndi design expert and make it a profession.How to Become a Professional Mehndi Artist

Eligibility Criteria for Mehndi Designer

The basic eligibility you would need is to pass from class 12th in order to join a vocational mehndi course. Although you can start learning mehndi designing anytime you feel like as it is an artistic profession. You can seek career counselling after your 12th exams just to be sure that this career is worth it. There are various courses after 12th class which will train you in becoming a professional mehndi designer, let’s learn about them below.

Courses to Study to Become a Henna Artist

If you want to become a mehndi designer, there are various courses after 12th which you can enroll in. Most of these courses are registered as vocational courses in many institutes that provide vocational training in similar skills. Most girls prefer joining training classes to learn mehndi designs and become better at it.

There are various online courses which offer courses regarding the best practices to start mehndi designs for beginners and learn more about it. You can also seek advice from your career guide about the prospects of becoming a mehndi artist. The best part is you can even practice mehndi at home and become a professional by teaching yourself.

Job Opportunities/Scopes

There is a wide scope and opportunity for all those who choose mehndi designing as a career after 12th. Although it might seem that there are less number of professional courses for becoming a mehndi designer, if you are skilled at it you will never have a problem getting a job. Usually a job for mehndi designer is at peak during the wedding season, and during rest of the time, you can start teaching and open ‘Mehendi Classes‘ as a side business.

How much you can Earn/Salary

There are no bounds to how much you can earn by becoming a mehndi designer. You can take big wedding contracts and keep a few henna designers under you who would be able to help you in big assignments. Apart from taking wedding contracts, you can start your own classes where you train students to become professional mehndi designers. This can be a great source of income irrespective of whether the wedding season is around or not.

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  1. I am from indore n I want to join in your institute for the mehandi course… Can u give me your contact number ?

  2. If anyone is interested to learn Mehendi in asansol than u can contact me…….there are various courses of it starting from begginers to symbols and lastly bridal designs which includes dula Dulan tabla sanai and many more…..each courses are of different prices…. And of different time span…

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