Is it Necessary for Students to Wear School Uniform: The Goods and The Bads

We have outgrown the old era and entered a new dimension of life with the advent of technology. But there are some conventions that we are still following. The question remains unanswered, should students have to wear school uniforms? During the school times, we always had this question in our minds, is it necessary for students to wear school uniform? At times we used to hate it for its color, sometimes of its itchiness and many a time because of its overall look. Let us look at some valid arguments which both support and demolish the culture of school uniforms.School Uniform Debate, Against, In Favor, Facts, Your Opinion, Images

Importance of School Uniform

Entering into the school uniforms debate, the first and foremost argument is that is it really that important to wear school uniforms. The sense of security and pride that a school uniform has attached to it is immense. School uniforms make the students look equal. Here are some solid reasons which make the uniforms all the more important.

Uniformity in the Dress Code

Uniform form a very integral part of the school education system. The students are not judged by the uniforms they wear, because everyone else has the same set of uniforms. There is a great sense of equality and unanimity which comes along by wearing the same clothes. There cannot be any disparity amongst the students as the financially positive as well as neutral families come together at a level playing field.

Unique Identity

The uniforms help identify the students when they are outside the school. This is one of the best reasons why students should wear school uniforms. This helps keeping the students secure when they are inside or outside the school. It helps intruders stay outside the school premises as only legitimate school students have access to school uniforms.

Behavior and Discipline

Students learn to respect themselves and others by wearing school uniforms. Wearing uniforms help imbibe students with a sense of authority. It helps differentiate a home environment and a school environment. They may tag the school uniforms good or bad, but will have to wear it to understand the social harmony and behavior, which in turn would make them more disciplined.

Negatives about School Uniform

We have seen above the importance of school uniform and how they affect the lifestyle of a school student. Let us now shift your focus towards the bad things about school uniforms.

  • Uniforms ultimately cost more and the overall schooling phase of a student has a large sum invested in uniforms.
  • Uniforms have no benefits for students as cliques will still form and bullying would not stop by being dressed uniformly.
  • Students would still ask for designer labels outside school clothing which would not bring down any cost.
  • The uniforms don’t completely act towards the advantages of students as they would not know how to deal with people who are different from them.
  • There is still confusion about what’s the point of school uniform when students know that they all are in the same school.
The Final Verdict

As we have discussed with you the pros and cons of wearings school uniforms, let us give you an ultimatum of what we believe to be legitimate. School uniforms instill a sense of pride and belongingness among the students. Lots of memories are attached with school uniforms. The final day of schools are marked with Scribble Day when students scribble on each other’s uniforms messages which remain forever ingrained in the memories. Students like the similar look and a great sense of being identified by the school name makes them proud.

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