Is Pre-school Education Necessary? Role of Kindergarten to Nourish the Child

We live in a fast paced world. As per the rate of literacy in India, which has reached a whopping 74.04% in 2011, it has rather become a norm for Indian parents to believe that Pre-school education is necessary for their young ones. But there are many parents who are not very willing to send their chubby cheeks to the play school. They are set to the notion that their child would go to the school directly without attending any pre-school. But they fail to understand the importance of pre-schools. Let us get together debunking the myths about preschool education and answering the question- is pre-school education necessary?

Why Pre-School Education is Necessary?

Early childhood is a very crucial stage in development of young ones. All the activities they do and the way parents help them nurture habits helps them become a smarter part of the society. Growth of Mental and Physical capabilities hits its all time high during this stage which shapes the future of a child. Early childhood education helps imbibe values of learning in kids and makes them understand the environment they would be getting in a school. Let us look at some of the advantages of playschools aligned with the education system:Importance of Preschool Education in Childhood

Opportunity for Growth

For many children, pre-school is their first opportunity to settle in a structured setting with people unknown to him. It is an opportunity to learn to share, follow instructions and begin the new path which leads to their learning. The well structured learning activities for kids make them grow socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically.

Preparation for Kindergarten

As kindergarten is a more academically inclined environment, many parents look for good pre-schools which help their children do successfully in main school. As far as the Indian Education System is concerned, a child needs to develop some basic academic sense before entering school. This sense can be imbibed in their nature with the help of special professionals and an environment which can only be provided at a pre-school. It is easier to send children to pre-school and help them learn with their peers rather than making them learn at home.

Importance of Play

Play is a very important part of the learning and emotional development phase of a child. Although it should be a fun experience for a child, it helps them learn new skills. Constructive play activities give a sense of development and creativity for a child. A good span of attention and concentration can be reached when children indulge in constructive play activities with clear goals in their head.

Development of a Social Sense

If the child is surrounded by parents all the time, he/she might get extra attention which can nurture an attitude of protective shelter. He/she might not feel good when the parents are not around.

Why Pre-School Education Programs are Beneficial for Kids?

Here, the benefits of pre-school education programs come into play.

  • With children of similar mental frequency and like mindedness, a child learns how to behave with the peers.
  • It helps parents understand if their child behaves well socially and makes others feel comfortable in his/her presence.
  • The trait of social well being helps the child grow with his friends and develops an attitude of sharing and caring with children who do not stay with him all the time.
Activities Helping Language and Cognitive Skills

A child nurtured in an environment with similar kids gets to develop language and cognitive skills. The learning activities for kids which are developed by professional play school teachers involve the kids in individual and group tasks and solicit a healthy competitive spirit which motivates a child to do better. The vocabulary development is at its optimum peak during the early childhood days and pre-schools play a key role in helping the kid converse with other children in their own bits and pieces of sentences.

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