Which Stream should I choose after 10th: Science, Commerce or Arts

10th board exams are one of the first milestones in the student’s life. Clearing that exam with good percentage is what every student strives for all year long. But many get stuck after that with the question ‘Which stream should I choose after 10th?’ This is a very big decision which affects every student’s life. The main streams after 10th class are Science, Commerce and Arts. Many have this decision figured out from a long time but many are still confused and come under pressure from parents or society or peers, and take a wrong decision.

What not to do?

Indian Education System has scope for every branch, so do not fear for lack of career options while choosing any stream after 10th class. While making this decision you should ask yourselves what to choose.

  • Take advice from parents or friends but do not let anyone make that decision for you.
  • Do not hesitate in choosing any stream just because all your friends are going for the same. Every field has its own merits.
  • Also do not choose a field just because you are good at it. If you are good at mathematics but you want to be a doctor then go for biology. Just because you are good at mathematics does not mean you should become engineer.

What to do?

The first thing to do is to listen to your heart. What do you want to become? You can only be successful and happy if you excel in the field you have your heart in. If you are not sure what you want to become then firstly you need to go for career counseling. You can get different ideas about the scope and opportunities in various streams after going through these counseling sessions. You can also take the career guidance from professionals, parents, elders, etc. Also make sure that your school has the best faculty to impart quality education for the respective stream you have decided.Streams to Choose in 11th Class

Why choose Science?

Science has three options. The combination of Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics or the combination of Biology, Chemistry and Physics or the combination of Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. All options are open for you in future after choosing Science. You can become Engineer, Doctor, Scientist, Lecturer, etc.

The added advantage of choosing this field is that if you are not sure of your career, you can change anytime. It means that if you take Science and complete your 12th with it then you can enter into any field – be it Commerce or Arts. But if you choose Arts or Commerce then you can never choose Science subjects. So if you are not sure about the stream to choose in 11th then Science can be a better option for the students to choose.

Why choose Commerce?

Commerce has many subjects like Mathematics, Economics, Civics, Accounts, and many more. In this field, many career scopes like Charted Accountant (CA), Professor, Teacher, and many more. Also Economics Honours is a very popular course of this branch which gives a great job scope in many multinational companies. The career selection after 10th is a major step and choosing Commerce is a wise decision.

Why choose Arts?

Arts (Humanities) involve subjects like Hindi, English, History, Geography, and many more. This field is for people who have interests in Politics, Poetry, History, Democracy, and other aspects of building a nation. Many people choose this stream as they think it is an easy stream to excel in, but it is a misconception. You need to be good at memory if you are choosing Arts. You can find diverse career options after selecting Arts as a subject in 11th class.

Final Say

Choosing streams in 11th class is the first milestone in your career. So, make a wise decision that can change your life. Consider all the options wisely, take advice from your elders, listen to your heart and step forward for a great career ahead.

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